Great things are achieved from great opportunities

The Junior Golf Academy is the first “all inclusive”  membership, training and coaching programme designed by experienced PGA Junior Coaches for juniors. It’s formula has produced a lot of success in a short space of time which is testament to the efforts of players, parents and coaches. Sky Sport came to visit the academy and follow the success we have had with some of our girls and one of our young players. 

The secret to our success

Beamish Park Hotel Golf Academy, where we are based is the best place to encourage new and experienced junior golfers to learn, train and compete on course with our coaches’ expert guidance. With the support of parents and fellow players all players will immediately learn to play the game and quickly become competent in following the basic rules, scoring and etiquette on the golf course and on their own. They will embrace our whole learn, train, compete process at the academy which encourages players to better themselves as players and as individuals. Eventually they will also experience competition away from the academy under the spotlight of club, college, county or national golf and our coaches will support them, putting the player first every step of the way.


– Weekly coaching sessions where players LEARN about the game, how to improve their scoring and  golf skills

– Weekly training sessions that challenge players and encourage players to  TRAIN regularly around others and develop their skills

– Weekly competitions that allow juniors to COMPETE in a team, individually and against other academies and put their learnt and trained skills to the test

Have a look at us in action