Progressing you towards your personal performance goals

One-to-one coaching costs more but does provide the personal attention and detail required to modify or acquire new skills , knowledge or behaviors and to help you progress beyond what you are currently capable of.

One-to-one coaching gives Mark the opportunity to get to know you and your game better in order to get the best out of you. How motivated are you? What motivates you? How do we get the best out of you? What are your expectations? How do you cope or respond to change, challenge or pressure?

It is however questionable how effective any coach can be if they haven’t observed and examined the way a student learns, trains, plays and competes. A coach can try and deliver to your brief but as is often the case, even the best players fail to analyse their game effectively and consequently could embark on developing areas of their game that don’t progress them. The best way to start is with a chat and an on-course or skills assessment. If Mark understands where you are with your game he can help you with analysing and developing every part of your game and pinpoint where the biggest gains are and just how .much progress is possible. Mark also has a team of specialists to call upon should there be need to delve deeper into player performance to progress the player towards their goals.

Before booking a one-to-one session, a course of sessions or even a personalised coaching/training programme please make sure to call Mark to discuss where you are with your game now and what you would like Mark help you to achieve.

If however this sounds too much then you would be best advised to join the flexible and progressive group training sessions of Golfskillz which run weekly.