To achieve what you’ve never had you must do what you have never done.

Since qualifying as a PGA Professional I have evolved as a coach and committed thousands of hours to learning, practicing and applying my craft and with many, many players at all levels of ability. Science and Technology has played a huge part over recent years is developing a great knowledge and deeper understanding of how and what to coach people and how to create the right environment for people to Learn, Train & Compete.

Launch monitors, video analysis, force plates, 3D Motion Capture & Game Analysis all have their place in capturing and measuring the smallest of detail from the lesson tee but interpreting the data and being able to communicate efficiently with the student is one of the arts of being a good coach. More importantly, my Learn, Train, Compete Philosophy allows for the fact that every shot you ever play from now is going to be different because every shot and environment will be different. So, repetition is not necessarily the best route to consistency, learn how to take yourself outside of your comfort zone frequently. Read more about my philosophy for coaching in more detail under the My Philosophy Menu.