“Whilst learning with myself I endeavor to embark the student on a journey that will help to improve them but they will also learn a lot more about the game and about themselves. I recognise the difference between teacher’s, educator’s and coaches but personally I’ve always been driven to be a great coach”. 


Teacher’s – Teachers tend to tell people what to do at the start of something mostly based upon theories they have been taught. They teach the game and not the person. The problem with this is that if the student can’t identify with or do what they are telling them then the player will quickly stop making progress and loose motivation.

Educator’s – There are a lot of educators in the industry right now giving you a lot of information on bio-mechanics, launch monitor numbers and statistics etc.  The data is usually correct but is it relevant and when is it relevant is what is most important? A lot of this data and information gathering is simply identifying the “effect” when it is really the “cause” that we are after. These people may know a lot and may sound good but they aren’t so good at making people better.

Coaches – Good coaches have developed an ability over time to “understand people” and ultimately how to take what the student has and turn it into something they use for the better.  Coaches need to know the science (the numbers, statistics, anatomy, physics and neurology), but science is just the study of what is happening, not “how to do it” or how to get you to where you want to be.

The art of coaching golf is in the understanding of a player’s “concepts” and where they are in terms of “skill development”. It is also about understanding the person and their lives – like, what really matters to them, their relationships, their personality and how different things may affect them and their performance.

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Perfecting my craft

There are many life lessons learnt through golf. As a coach I never stop questioning, exploring, seeking truths, refining my methods of training and communication to stay ahead of the game.