There is many a leader, entrepreneur and golfer that has said, “Golf is like life” and I tend to agree. In golf, like life, we have to enjoy the good times and endure the bad times, we have to recognise when to play safe and when to take a risk. Golf is about finding solutions to the challenges you face on the golf course – tactically, physically, technically and mentally. This is why golf can be so addictive and yet frustrating at he same time. My coaching philosophy is applicable to learning and life too. I call it “The Learn, Train, Compete Philosophy”.

How anyone improves at golf or in anything in life is largely determined by these three key principles. You can apply them to education, business, sport, anything and they especially need to be present in any coaching.


LEARNING – What do I want to achieve and how do I get there?

TRAINING – Now I know what I need to do, what am I going to do about it? This is where most people fall down. The best at anything in life have dedicated the most time, effort, energy, and thought to deliberate practice and see failure as a source of feedback during development of their skill or craft. They never fail, they WIN OR LEARN and therefore they are better disciplined and prepared for challenge.

COMPETING – A competitive round with a scorecard in your hand is the ultimate examination. Tour Player’s know this, which is why they spend weeks days, weeks, months preparing for a single tournament. Will what you have practiced work when you need it to. Did you prepare 100%. Did you commit 100% to the game plan. What can you learn from the experience? Also do not underestimate the power of competitive group training. It’s good to have a few fire breathers breathing down your neck, challenging you and pushing to give than 10% more. The more regular the better. Nobody ever won anything by practicing tucked away all on their own.

The best thing about the LEARN, TRAIN, COMEPTE Philosophy is that it is constant and it REPEATS. No matter what the outcome is we either WIN or LEARN. Even when we win and play well it is in our nature to reflect on what could have been. We can always find ways to improve. The best players in the world never stop trying to improve. Winning is just a bi-product of a professionals own constant pursuit of excellence and their battle against the course.