“Better scoring only comes from better learning and training processes”

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The Junior Golf Academy drives player progress through the processes within our learning and training programme. Members of the academy have the opportunity to play and compete weekly on the academy course – an essential part of anyone’s golf learning.

Parental support is required and so important at early stages of on course learning. It is important not to be too outcome/scoring focused too soon and instead let children enjoy playing with their friends. A steady and disciplined approach to learning, training and competing is vital in an academy environment where there are players of varied experience and levels of ability. Our training system allows us to coach players in groups determined by their learning and training capabilities and provides training guidelines to follow when players are training in their own time.

TPI Junior Training System

Having studied many training systems and how they fit our vision and philosophy we believe the Titleist Performance Institutes  – Long Term Athlete Development Model enables us to provide a solid building block approach to developing players from Active Start through to college golf or even preparing players for a career in the game. It ensures that each players pace of learning is in line with their training and competition outcomes. Solid fundamentals are combined with individuality and creativity.

The TPI Junior Training System allows coaches, parents and players to measure/track how well individuals are progressing/balancing their knowledge of the game, with their physical development, with their skill development and with their technical and tactical processes. We want parents and players to understand that better scoring outcomes only come from better processes and better practice.

Training Levels

Like a belt system in karate, players can work through the different colours/levels and progress at their own pace through the tasks described inside each level. Starting at Level 1 players progress to Level 10. They are assessed every 9-12 weeks of coaching and progress to the next level only once the whole list of tasks are achieved. They can’t achieve a Level 10 if they are at Level 10 for putting but at Level 1 for chipping.

Training Manuals

Training manuals are stricktly controlled by our coaches and only issued once a player has passed their previous level assessment by our coaches. A précis of the levels, groups and expectations of players can be found in the attached file download. Click here.